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By the way, by reading this far you have undoubtedly read further than my 3 sons. They think SECURiMENT is silly, but you shouldn’t. This is the race of your life after all and you only get one chance!

My goal as the founder of Retirement Info Chicago and the creator of the SECURiMENT method is for your retirement savings to last as long as you do.

I say that a little “tongue and cheek” but many studies show that future retirees are more afraid of running out of money than they are of actually passing away

So you know where I'm coming from with the SECURiMENT concept, please allow me to share a story.

In 2007, I sold a family business called Sam's Wines & Spirits and received some money. It wasn't like I could retire, but I had a significant pot of money. What happened next is the reason I'm in this line of work.

I received terrible guidance. Nobody asked me the hard questions. How long it would take to start a new business. How much I was spending. What kind of big expenditures were upcoming, like a giant tax bill...

Nobody took stock of where the markets were. Were we near the top? Could a correction be coming?

Do you remember what happened in 2007?  Do you look back at those years fondly? Often, I ask people that exact question. Most people weren't super pumped to see their 401K balances cut in half. I did, however, meet one guy who loved that time. Turns out he was a bankruptcy attorney...he was quite fond of that period!

Me, not so much. I'll never forget it. As the markets were falling and falling and falling, I was selling and selling and selling. It was a giant blood bath. Very dark period for me. I'm traveling the country setting up a new business, and my investments are tanking.  TANKING! And I'm selling into extraordinary weakness to pay my bills.


I don't say this as if someone would feel sympathy, but so you understand exactly where where I am coming from. Because I felt there was a better way, and something I was far more passionate about, I left the beverage industry behind and created a business (and a concept) which will change how you view retirement.

Experience is much less costly, when someone else pays for it. I paid for it...YOU ARE WELCOME!



SECURiMENT is about always, always operating from a position of strength, which is why the SECURiMENT mascot  has muscles bulging from his muscles. (See short video below 2:53)

See, back during the 2007-2008 meltdown, I operated from a position of weakness. The markets were weak at exactly the wrong time and my plan was weak. Weakness all around!

NEVER AGAIN! (Watch: Why I help people!)

By the way, please don't think it's all abut money. It's not; however, you do have to make good decisions with what you have if you want any chance of living the way you want in retirement. Not running out of money in retirement is risky (and tricky) business. There are no bailouts, do-overs or mulligans. And here in Illinois - it’s even harder. Local taxes are terrible. Overall, it’s very expensive to live, work and retire here. What’s at risk are the fruits of a lifetime of your hard work. You deserve the best possible outcome. Retirement Info Chicago is committed to helping you get there.


Darryl Rosen, MBA

Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) (What this is and how it helps you!)

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